About Cookies

Cookies are small text files created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and stored on the user's computer by the web browser. Cookies are placed on the device used when a web page is visited. More than one cookie may be placed on a user's device during a browsing session. Two types of cookie may be used on these web pages, "session cookies" and "persistent cookies".

"Session" cookies

Session cookies exists only in temporary memory while the user navigates a website and these cookies expire or are deleted when the user closes the web browser.

"Persistent" cookies

A persistent cookie expires at a specific date or after a specific length of time. For the persistent cookie's lifespan set by its creator, its information will be transmitted to the server every time the user visits the website that it belongs to, or every time the user views a resource belonging to that website from another website (such as an advertisement).

Persistent cookies are also often used for reasons such as keeping users logged into their accounts on websites, to avoid re-entering login credentials at every visit.

RWM.Global 'strictly necessary cookies'

These are those cookies that are necessary for the functional operation of the web pages, for example remembering user selections and choices required for the next page to provide the correct information. RWM.Global web pages use "session" cookies for this purpose which remain active for the current browsing session. Once browsing windows are closed they are removed from the user's computer.

RWM.Global persistent cookies

These web pages only use persistent cookies for the purpose of remembering a user's cookie preference (if allowed the cookie preference will be rembered between browsing sessions for up to 30 days). User log in details are only held in 'session cookies' and are not persistent.


These web pages contain links to third party web pages, this cookie policy applies solely to the RWM.Global web pages. Third party web pages will have their own cookie policies. Users should bear this in mind when visiting third party web pages and take the necessary steps to set their cookie preferences on those pages.